About Me

Hello, i'm Danny Baez De Jesus a photographer from New York, Photography is my passion. when i was really young i found my passion for photos and cameras out of pain for no being able to use the camera my mother had only getting to use a disposable camera here and there on special occasions years later I bought my first SLR and i did not see the world the same again. I changed every day and the best way to document these changes was to capture them in a photograph. I haven’t put my camera down since and now I feel so honored to be photographing other families, models starting their career, brides and grooms in their happiest moments and helping them document their own memories.


Covering Weddings, helping Models with their portfolio, Head shoots, Events, family photos


I have over 10 years taking photos, capturing moments working for companies and for myself.  Working on cruises, events. Working with models, artists from different industries.  


New York |  Grand Rapids | Miami 

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